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      sounds of our town

      hosted by Jumping Fences


      Welcome to the homepage of Foco Nuevo, the regular performance space for Jumping Fences and guests, held on the First Friday of every month.

      Friday 3rd September 2021, 6pm

      Now a house concert at
      31 Arras Street Yeronga.

      RSVP ลงทะเบียนฟรี วิธี ยืนยัน ตัว ตน happyluke by Thu 2nd September.

      Despite the uncertainty that the Delta strain has brought, we're forging ahead with Foco Nuevo in September, within whatever Covid restrictions are in place at the time. Fortunately our planned guests for last month, Tin Star, are able to make it! We've got our fingers crossed and looking forward to a night of live music in our backyard. So remain optimistic and come along and bask in the warmth of live music.

      Savouries, cakes, tea, coffee and mulled wine will be available. Please feel free to BYO drinks or food if you wish.

      Numbers are strictly limited so don't miss out! Go to our Registration Page page to reserve your seat.

      We would love to see you at our place.

      Sue and Lachlan


      Tin Star

      They have been described as the Dixie Chicks meets Bruce Springsteen however Brisbane trio Tin Star can be hard to pin down. They have a raw, sometimes melancholy sound, with passionate vocals that curl like smoke around each other. Their philosophy is that music should be about more than just entertainment — at its best, it should make you think and feel, and understand something more about the human condition. Their honest songwriting combined with the rootsy instruments — guitar, fiddle and accordion combine to craft a sound of their own.

      Known for their compelling live performances and entertaining on-stage dynamic, their music contains an abundance of modern pop flourishes with country accents.

      Jumping Fences

      Jumping Fences — the hosts of Foco Nuevo — play a unique mix of original and Latin American songs. The song-writing partnership of Sue Monk on guitar and vocals, and Lachlan Hurse on electric bass, together with James Harper on drums and Ross Gwyther on tenor sax and clarinet, perform arrangements that move easily between tenderness and energy. Over three decades their poetic and insightful lyrics have explored the lives and feelings of people living on the margins or caught in the midst of struggle.

      ‘Sometimes you can sing what you cannot say…’